Thank you for considering our practice for your post-master’s supervision.

Our Approach

Clinical supervision has two basic, simultaneous goals:

  • Development of clinical skills
  • Improving client welfare

To achieve both, we create a safe learning environment. We approach supervision as teachers, consultants, and counselors, with transparency in each role. Thus, our supervision:

  • Matches your level of experience and your therapeutic abilities
  • Includes, discussion about how cultural context (ours, yours, and the client’s) affects the clinical and supervisory relationships
  • Is sensitive to your personal goals as a clinician
  • Is consistent with how you conceptualize client issues theoretically
  • Challenges and supports you throughout
  • Treats you with respect

Our goal is simple: empower you to develop a strong sense of professional identity, a high level of clinical skills, and a strong ethical foundation on which to build your professional practice.


We subscribe to Stoltenberg’s Integrated Developmental Model (IDM) of Supervision (1998) while using a cross-cultural lens (Drewes and Mullen, 2008). IDM is one of the most researched models of supervision. Like others, it suggests an interactive approach called “scaffolding”, that:

  • Encourages you to use prior knowledge and skills to produce new learning
  • Exposes you to new information and counseling skills
  • Helps you develop advanced critical thinking skills

Although the process can appear linear, you may be in different stages simultaneously; for example, you may be at mid-level development overall, but experience high anxiety when faced with a new client situation. IDM focuses on your self-efficacy, anxiety, and cognitive complexity as related to counseling.

Please note, we do not serve as your personal therapist. Rather, we model therapeutic behaviors to help you understand your reactions to clients, counseling, or supervision that may diminish your effectiveness as a clinician and assist you in your clinical development. If it becomes evident, that individual counseling would be of value, we will offer you a referral. It’s not unusual for early career counselors to seek personal counseling.

Fee Schedule

Individual Both LPC and RPT $120 1 ½ hours
Triadic: 2 Supervisees Both LPC and RPT $90 per person 1 ½ hours
Group: 3-6 Supervisees Both LPC and RPT $65 per person 1 ½ hours

Contract rates with non-profit agencies and private practices are negotiated upon request.


Supervision is most effective bi-monthly. However, we understand that “life happens” and unexpected situations arise. We will work with you to establish a schedule that meets your needs and satisfies the Board required 35 annual hours of supervision.